Hang Him — Illustrated eBook

I earned a worldwide reputation as a rarity among digital artists because I devote such consistent efforts towards creating explicit, uncensored depictions of men’s hangings. Who else can you name who has such an extensive inventory of digital art depicting men’s hangings? Here is the very first collection of my original artwork showcasing men’s hangings with my renegade artworks, some of which date back to 2007 and are no longer available online. This collection was initially published in 2012 as one 40-page pdf. If you want much more, you can download many FREE illustrated storybooks of mine here: https://desouzavault.com/downloading/

hang him illustrated ebook cover

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***If you want to discover more about this brutal subject, visit https://desouzavault.com/downloading/

Call / text Madeira Desouza: 702-805-5492. Email: desouza3d@gmail.com. Low-cost sponsorship specials are available for brands looking to reach the same niche, edgy audience that we serve. Collaborations are welcome with artists, podcasters and storytellers to result in provocative content to be shared with the world on this online platform. Patreon monthly memberships get you sizzling original male imagery with faces from source photos you provide. You can order commissioned customized artwork from this artist using your specs to display art for your business or residence targeting male clients. Custom eBooks can be commissioned starring you or any men you choose in uncensored, explicit illustrated storytelling.

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