Minsexual: Attracted to Those Who are Masculine In Nature

As seen on https://queerdom.fandom.com/wiki/MinsexualMinsexual is a term for someone who is exclusively attracted to those who are masculine in nature (hence the term MIN). This can be either in their gender and/or gender presentation. Someone who identifies as minsexual can experience attraction to any gender presenting masculine and/or any masculine-aligned genders. What counts as masculine in nature is up to the individual.

For some minsexual individuals, engaging in sexual activities may not be a priority or desire. However, others may still choose to engage in sexual activities to satisfy their partner’s needs or to explore their own boundaries. Each individual’s experience and preferences may vary, and it is essential to respect and support their choices.

Respecting and validating the experiences of minsexual individuals is crucial. It is important to acknowledge their sexual orientation as valid and recognize that their experiences are unique to them. Avoid making assumptions or judgments based on societal expectations.



Of course, yes it is possible to experience sexual arousal when you are in the presence of males who are masculine in nature:


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