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Listen to Madeira Desouza in a podcast explaining in his own words why he produces the visual works for which he is known:

The Madeira Desouza podcast series for grownups who want to explore explicit episodes revealing often concealed truths in nonfiction and in storytelling (fiction) intended for your ears.

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Listen to the “Vegas Gazz Queen” podcast below to find out why these
Pacific Islander rugby players are pictured here.


Why taboo podcasts are entertaining — You may be asking yourself, “Why are podcasts which explore taboo topics so entertaining?” Well, let’s look deeper into the selections of taboo topics that are available to you, okay? The podcast series I’m talking about is called “Taboo Truths and Tales Las Vegas.”

It is an original podcast originating in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. Created by the renegade artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza who also hosts this series.

Oh wait a second here. You think you’re prepared for a totally taboo podcast series Yeah you think so Hey what does taboo mean A fair question. The three “T” words (taboo, truths, tales) are used in the title of a very unique podcast series from Las Vegas. Why? Because the Vegas podcast series deals with subject matter from American life considered to be taboo.

Often what one person considers to be taboo is also at the exact same time considered common sense by another person. Like not listening to medical doctors for advice or how to stay healthy. Also like digging deep into what really goes on with sex workers in Las Vegas. Wait! What’s actually going on in that podcast series? Listen here:

Well here’s the deal. This Vegas podcast series is called “Taboo Truths and Tales” and it’s been on since 2021, coming to you from Sin City. Some of the most popular podcast episodes in this series have exceeded six thousand listener downloads to date. Wow!

What are the episodes about? Some episodes like strong women role models. These are not famous women, but you will be glad you learned about them. One recent podcast episode features a young woman who arranges funerals for a living in Vegas. Yes, she does. Listen here:

Other episodes present fiction stories from the world of horror that scare the living daylights out of you. One example, a two-part story called “Pumpkin Emperor” presents a demon who walks around with a rotting pumpkin on his neck and shoulders instead of having a normal human head. Oh yeah, I hate when that happens, don’t you? Listen here:

Very few podcast series today present original material in the way that taboo truths and tales does for you so weirdly and consistently coming to you from Las Vegas.

Okay, so where do you find the Vegas podcast named “Taboo Truths and Tales”? Listen up, I’ll tell you. Go to the website now That’s This highly unusual podcast series explores an entire world of taboo, but truthful fiction and non-fiction topics. This podcast series serves as a guided tour of memorable truths and tales made in Las Vegas for adult listeners to savor as bedtime stories. These are explicit and uncensored podcast episodes this means you don’t want to listen while you’re operating heavy machinery. “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcasts are available around the world from Las Vegas at

Let’s take a look at the single most popular podcast episode of all time. Are you ready? The most popular podcast episode of all time on “Taboo Truths and Tales Las Vegas” is named “Thief of Eggs.” As of January 2024 this episode, “Thief of Eggs,” has received 6,432 total downloads. This is the number of listeners who play or save this episode. An explicit and uncensored fantasy. A taboo tale of fiction, “Thief of Eggs” follows the misadventures of a young man in Berlin, Germany who discovers a forbidden method for increasing his masculinity and muscles. You are in for a lot of shocking revelations when you listen to “Thief of Eggs.” Just go to That’s Listen here:

Okay, so what else is available in the “Taboo Truths and Tales Las Vegas” podcast series? Well, another podcast episode named “Bound to Hurt” has received 6,175 total downloads. Wow! That’s a lot of listeners. This one episode was so popular that it inspired a trilogy of episodes on the same taboo topic of bondage. You can listen now to all three podcast episodes by going to TabooPodcast That website address again is where you will also find free of charge explicit original images created by Las Vegas renegade artist Madeira Desouza especially for the third “Bound to Hurt” podcast episode. Listen here:

Another taboo topic is partisan politics. Yeah, you knew we would get to that one, right? There are now three individual podcast episodes that deal with Donald Trump. And the slant is definitely not going to please the cult of MAGA followers. All the rest of you out there in podcastland should definitely go and listen to these three podcast episodes at You will like what you hear there in those three anti-Trump podcasts. Listen here:

Before I go, let me mention one more taboo podcast episode. Many of you in New York City will remember the famous Dr. Ruth Westheimer who initially appeared on the radio in New York City after midnight on WYNY-FM in September 1980. That long ago!

Oh, yes! Who can forget the first time they heard Dr. Ruth Westheimer say the word masturbation on the radio? It was so deliciously wrong, yet so absolutely right. Know what I mean? Dr. Ruth Westheimer became world-famous, of course.

Now there’s a “Taboo Truths and Tales Las Vegas” podcast episode that is loosely based on the woman who gave frank and uncensored sex advice with a German accent. The podcast episode is named “Sex Advice from the Vegas Gazz Queen.” And the German slang word “gazz” stands for orgasm. What else could it be, right? You can listen to the podcast episode named “Sex Advice from the Vegas Gazz Queen” by going to Just click on the image of the Vegas gazz queen holding her neon yellow crown. All hail the Vegas Gazz Queen who has now entered the building. Please rise. You get what I’m saying here, dudes, right? Listen here:

Female Announcer: Oh my. What a thrill. Taboo episodes! Coming to you all over this wicked world. From Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada. I am breathless. Or so it seems. They made me say that. I just use these scripts that they give to me. I don’t have a mind of my own. I am artificial intelligence. Yeah, baby. You knew I was gonna say that, right? I am proud to be in the cast along with many other unforgettable voices from The Not Yet Breathing Oxygen Players in Las Vegas, Nevada. We never ask for money. We never eat. We only talk on command. What a concept!

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