There are two kinds of commissioned creative services available. One is a customized eBook — illustrated storybook. The other is physical reproductions for mounting on your wall or placing on shelves.

Customized eBook — illustrated storybook
You can commission a custom illustrated storybook featuring Madeira Desouza images along with text that tells a story. This is a very unique downloadable digital product because you get to pick the masculine male characters and the story in which they are involved.

Now available:  Madeira Desouza will create and produce one of his stunning Illustrated Storybooks on demand for you.

The finished product is a downloadable pdf which contains pages of original Desouza of Vegas customized illustrations along with storytelling text or character dialogue embedded in the pages.

example of text plus images on a page

Browse the illustrated storybooks download page and closely view your choice of pdfs there so you can see for yourself how the text and images work together in an illustrated eBook.

You Provide…

  • creative services project fee of $425 paid online
  • one original story idea of yours submitted in text format
  • up to a total of three (3) source images of males (yes, you may send in a picture of yourself) to be used by Desouza of Vegas to create digital characters

You Receive…

  • personalized, customized male characters depicted within a story of yours
  • up to twenty-five (25) pdf pages with images which include up to three (3) customized character faces you specified
  • one downloadable pdf of the finished illustrated storybook
  • generous collection of the digital image files which were created by Desouza of Vegas for the production of the illustrated storybook
  • author credit listed on the downloadable pdf available online — phrase will spell out something like this — “original story by [your author name]

Other Details…
  • ownership and copyright of all the digital image assets and the illustrated storybook pdf shall be reserved for Desouza of Vegas
  • character descriptions, names and storytelling details (including the final number of pages up to a maximum of 25) shall be negotiated by you with Desouza of Vegas
  • your story may also be adapted for a narrated podcast episode — a promotional consideration for your author name for which you are not compensated.
  • you may post any/all of the digital image assets online as you wish as long as you provide credit along with the post to Desouza of Vegas
  • you may not provide any copies of the illustrated storybook pdf to anyone
  • you can order additional illustrated storybooks on-demand (new story and new characters or an extended story such as a sequel or prequel based upon existing characters and situations) and you will receive a thirty percent (30%) discount off the posted creative services project fee

physical reproductions for mounting on your wall or placing on shelves

There reproductions are created by the artist personally and manually from a custom order placed by you. It is entirely up to you to tell the artist exactly what particular image you want to appear in each of the individual reproductions.

What you receive will be a unique, one-of-a-kind unframed reproduction that nobody on Earth has in their collection. No artworks are preproduced ahead of time and stored in warehouses waiting to shipped out. Each individual reproduction is custom-made for you and shipped unframed directly to you to fulfill your order. Known as drop shipping, this is a standard business practice in the United States today.

While all Desouza artworks are unframed, you can, of course, choose to pay for framing at any local framing business near where you live or work.

square reproduction mockup

Start first with selecting a specific image you want to appear in a square reproduction. This mockup shows a digital image of a cowboy reproduced in the square format and shown in context mounted on the wall of a room.

Three sizes of squares are available measured in inches (8 x 8, 12 x 12 or 16 x 16). You tell the artist what images you want to appear in each square (and whether you prefer an AI render, or, a render from a digital image showing a character previously created by Madeira Desouza.)

These square format reproductions are available only in packs of 6, 9, or 12 squares but not as individual squares. You can choose your own layout when you mount these square reproductions on your wall. Take a look at one possible layout suggestion:

couple walks past six-pack

Square reproductions can also be rested upon display shelves on a wall in a business or residence. Here are just a few suggestions for places of business where this kind of art serves a commercial purpose that can align with your workplace themes:

** automotive businesses
** barbers
** cocktail lounges and bars
** clothing and accessories sales
** grooming services for men
** hair and nail services for men
** men’s fitness/health/wellness services
** tattoos for men
** tourism and accommodations for men
** themed restaurants or food service companies for men
** vitamins and supplements for men
** workout gyms for men

Here are the posted prices:

physical reproduction6-pack8 x 8 inch squares$180 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack8 x 8 inch squares$270 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack8 x 8 inch squares$360 for 12 squaresunframed
physical reproduction6-pack12 x 12 inch squares$300 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack12 x 12 inch squares$450 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack12 x 12 inch squares$600 for 12 squaresunframed
physical reproduction6-pack16 x 16 inch squares$480 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack16 x 16 inch squares$720 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack16 x 16 inch squares$960 for 12 squaresunframed

Call / text Madeira Desouza: 702-805-5492. Email: Low-cost sponsorship specials are available for brands looking to reach the same niche, edgy audience that we serve. Collaborations are welcome with artists, podcasters and storytellers to result in provocative content to be shared with the world on this online platform. Patreon monthly memberships get you sizzling original male imagery with faces from source photos you provide.

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