look of fear in young men's eyes

Muscular Guys Nude in Trouble

It’s quite important to approach the topic of muscular guys nude in trouble with sensitivity and respect for individual privacy and boundaries. This we all know because we are civilized.

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hung cowboy

Hang Him — Illustrated eBook

I earned a worldwide reputation as a rarity among digital artists because I devote such consistent efforts towards creating explicit, uncensored depictions of men’s hangings. Who else can you name

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Drowning — Images and Stories

Why do images of men drowning or having died underwater attract our attention? Read These Stories by 8hangman5: Drowning with Roberto by 8hangman5 and Nautical Games by 8hangman5. (themed images)

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featured bound to hurt

Bound to Hurt: Man-on-Man Bondage

Listen (FREE!) to an explicit man-on-man bondage podcast: Bound to Hurt | RSS.com Enjoy original bondage staging and taboo photography copyright Paulo Martins from Bondageman Brazil. All rights reserved.  

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For Men to Bust My Balls

I put on tight and shinny black leather shorts. That helps me call attention to my midsection. A naked muscular guy sees me in the darkness and I know it

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