Drowning — Images and Stories

Why do images of men drowning or having died underwater attract our attention?

Read These Stories by 8hangman5:

Drowning with Roberto by 8hangman5 and Nautical Games by 8hangman5.

drowning sampler
(themed images)

View These Images by Madeira Desouza:

dark water
“Dark Water” (2019) by Madeira Desouza

from 2017
Two images from a 2017 original illustrated story named “The Best of Beck” by Madeira Desouza

also from 2017

swimming pool execution
“Swimming Pool Execution” by Madeira Desouza (2021)

raped and drowned
“Raped and Drowned” (2023) by Madeira Desouza

Soldiers Playing Soldiers
“Soldiers Playing Soldiers” (2019) by Madeira Desouza

yacht sinking
“Yacht Sinking” (2019) by Madeira Desouza

South Pacific Star crewmen overboard
“South Pacific Star Crewmen Overboard” (2021) by Madeira Desouza

drowning him in the resort pool
“Drowning Him in the Resort Pool” (2023) by Madeira Desouza

hot tub drowning
“Hot Tub Drowning” (2019) by Madeira Desouza

drowning chamber
“Drowning Chamber” (2019) by Madeira Desouza

watery grave
“Watery Grave” (2019) by Madeira Desouza

Download “Dead in the Water” (2023) by Madeira Desouza — free inside the Desouza Collection — Male Death Fetish Theme


dead in the water
We all have been attracted to those highly masculine men from Pacific Islands such as Samoa who are athletes in international sports. “Dead in the Water” is an uncensored fantasy about the unexpected fate of one Islander whose story you will never forget.

Call / text Madeira Desouza: 702-805-5492. Email: desouza3d@gmail.com. Low-cost sponsorship specials are available for brands looking to reach the same niche, edgy audience that we serve. Collaborations are welcome with artists, podcasters and storytellers to result in provocative content to be shared with the world on this online platform. Patreon monthly memberships get you sizzling original male imagery with faces from source photos you provide. You can order commissioned customized artwork from this artist using your specs to display art for your business or residence targeting male clients. Custom eBooks can be commissioned starring you or any men you choose in uncensored, explicit illustrated storytelling.

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